Mini 6 Pack – Nutella Infused Breudhers


PLEASE NOTE: Breudher is only shipped within Melbourne.

Total Weight – 450g – 500g

Ingredients – Plain Flour, Eggs, Yeast, Sugar, Milk, Water, Butter, Vanilla Essence, Salt, Bicarbonate Soda, Nutella and Brandy


  • Nutella Infused Breudhers X 6

Traditional Sri Lankan Dutch Burgher buttery yeast cake is usually baked in a Bundt cake mould and is very popular during the Christmas season. It is a cross between a bread and a cake, super delicious flavoured with sticky Nutella.

This sweet, buttery, and delicious Breudher is great for the festive breakfast table or a great afternoon snack with a cup of tea or coffee.

For best results, I would like to eat the warm Breudher with butter.

Also, a great festive season gift for family & friends too.

Handmade in Melbourne with premium local ingredients.



Storage – Store in a cool, dry place and consumed within 2-4 days for best results. After 4 days it may become crumbly or dry. You will be able to steam it for about 2 minutes to refresh before consuming it or reheat it in the oven for 5 minutes at a very lower temperature.

Allergen Advice

May contain traces of nuts. All our products are prepared in an environment where we use mustard, nuts, and sesame.


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